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Get to know me...


My name is Daisy Hunter. I am your Blonde-haired quintessential English rose; Classic, Intelligent, Bubbly, and Charming. 

I am more of a creative soul than a writer and would prefer to describe myself through artwork and images; although understandably, this is not useful to everyone, so here goes!

I provide an exclusive girlfriend experience with a twist or an olive for my liking! 

Being brought up in Greater London, Surrey, I'm a lover of both the countryside and the city, which has allowed me to have a chameleon-like character. I elegantly blend in all situations, whether it's your 5-star hotel with a gorgeous suite, a theatre date, a day at the races, wine tasting, lounging on sun beds, rolling in hotel sheets, skiing in the alps or hiking in the highlands. The list really could go on! Being a free-spirited woman, I love to join you in them all; let's see where our time together takes us and start a passionate journey together where we experience all the joys life has to offer. If you are a man after adventure & lust in all aspects of life, then you are in the right place.

Do you dare to dive into passion, adventure and exploration together?



My authentic addictive smile lights up the room, which is always accompanied by an endearingly charming giggle and a twinkle in my large green eyes that screams mischievousness. I have an interest in life, and a thirst for knowledge; the arts, travel, the meaning of life, politics, sport, wine, fashion, and philosophy are all subjects that fascinate me. I'd love to find out what your interests are too.

I am curious in all forms. I love to explore minds, bodies, places, tastes, thoughts and cultures. With this, I always have my passport ready, thriving on authentic, unique connections developed through indulgent and pure experiences in any corner of the world.

Having a physical lifestyle and an interest in multiple sports, my body is trim and supple with delicious curves in the right places, a body designed for deviance. Shall we practice our yoga positions together? 

I'm a woman who is insatiable, passionate, and seductive, all with a sense of elegance and poise. Not forgetting my sense of playfulness and adventure. Treat me in an old-school romance style, and everything else will follow.

 As a tactile person, we'll find each other naturally sharing closeness, varied between lustful, romantic and sweet moments. As an observant person, I am diligent with my actions allowing our date to flow with natural ease, understanding the importance of creating a safe space where we can dive into deep and meaningful conversations or extremely silly ones, wherever the mood takes us.

I believe that the smaller details in life create the larger picture. My thoughtfulness and attentiveness are how our relationship will thrive over time, and I strive to make your time with me holistically memorable and tailored to your needs. 

Let's start our adventure together. 


Things I Enjoy...

  • Meeting strangers that turn into indulgent relationships.

  • Traveling and exploring cultures.

  • Trying new cuisines and restaurants

  • Fine dining counting Michelin stars across the globe

  • Skiing

  • Golf

  • I am most happy on water, be it a sailboat in the open sea or a gondola in Venice.

  • Watching performances worldwide.

  • Wine tasting, I am also building my knowledge of English sparkling wine and I have a huge love for the Vivino app.

  • People who take risks in adventures.


 Romantic dates on golden white beaches hand in hand, Exhilarating adventures in exotic locations, Desirable dining in top restaurants around the world, Naughty liaisons in cities filled with passion.

Let's turn your desires into reality together.

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